You’ve played Hair Trigger. Now what?

There are lots of ways to get involved to help reduce nuclear threats and create a safer world.


  • The first episode of brand-new podcast At the Brink explores the history of nuclear false alarms. Hosted by Lisa Perry, granddaughter of former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, it’s a great introduction to how false alarms could potentially trigger World War III and how to find a new path forward.
  • Hair Trigger is not just a game. Spend two minutes with this great explainer from the Union of Concerned Scientists: “The Craziest Nuclear Weapons Policy You’ve Never Heard Of.”   
  • Review our Nuclear 101 tutorial and see how you do on the quiz at the end.
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  • Invite your friends to play and see which one of you is better at handling a crisis! Then you can brag on social, using #HairTriggerGame 😉
  • Join us!  Student can apply for a paid internship at NTI. It’s a great way to go deep on nuclear policy and start working to build a safer world—plus, we’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas.  

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